Pete On The Issues

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Let's talk about your background & South Bend.

I appreciated the letter you wrote to the Muslims in South Bend after the New Zealand attack. Did the city appreciate that?

Mayor Pete reads a passage from his book about how South Bend's story translates to America as whole.

How do you plan on connecting with folks that don't have the shared experience of living in a city like South Bend?

How do you plan to reach out to midwestern voters who voted for Trump?

Early in your time as mayor you dealt with a incident regarding police recordings. What did you learn from that incident that will make you a better executive?

Let's talk about your record in South Bend.

How does the Mayor of South Bend make the transition to being President?

If you become president, what’s the one project in South Bend that you’ll miss working on?

How do you apply the progress you made in South Bend with manufacturing on a national level?

What does the title of your book mean?

How has South Bend changed you?

Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

Was the book part of the campaign?

What is the main message of the book?

What is South Bend's stamp on you?

Were you surprised that you ended up back in South Bend?

For all of us who don't know you, tell us about yourself.

Pete gives opening remarks at Politics & Eggs

Why a mayor for the nominee?

Why a midwesterner for the nominee?

Why are you running for President?

Pete introduces himself to voters at the Dublin City Pub

Are you still Mayor of South Bend?

Do you consider yourself an insider or outsider with regards to politics?

What have you done in South Bend to prevent gun violence?

What about South Bend is a "model for America's future"?